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Pre-conference workshops

Monday 9 October 2017

Dubbo Base Hospital site visit

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital site visit

An introduction to Activity Based Funding 
Dr Stephen Duckett

Using the AR-DRG classification system
Joanne Fitzgerald, Sean Heng, Anne Elsworthy, Ning Ding

Comparing apples – an introduction to healthcare classification development in Australia
Alix Higgins

Improving population health management through risk adjustment
Dr Stephen Sutch, Karen Kinder

A smooth introduction to case mix for newcomers
Jean Marie Rodrigues, Dana Burduja, Terri Jackson

The case mix journey
Jacob Hofdijk

Tuesday 10 October 2017

An international view with case studies and a look into the future of value-based funding
Dr Mary E Black, Prof Beth Reid, Dr Vivek Muthu

Pricing for safety and quality: the Australian approach
Dr Sarah Neville, Sean Heng

Australian pricing models: understanding the NEP and NEC
Dr Sarah Neville

Patient costing principles
Patrick Power, Philip Moore

Funding safety and quality: the West Australian experience
Dr Hannah Seymour, Dr Amanda Ling

Using data to tackle clinical and quality issues
Dr Michael Wilke

Conference program

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Introductory session
Shane Solomon, Chair, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority and Dana Burduja, President, Patient Classification Systems International

Keynote: Impacts of ABF on hospital quality and productivity
Dr Zeynep Or, Research Director, Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics

Plenary: Benchmarking clinical costing
Mr Mark Lawrence, Vice President, Healthcare Financial Management Association

Concurrent session: New classification development
Chair: Dr Stephen Sutch

Improving care coordination through information
Dr Karen Kinder

Leading the way in community-based care casemix systems
Jenny Mcnamee

Uses of DRG systems in Finnish health care organisations
Petra Kokko

A new patient classification for elderly in long-term care in France
Dr Marie-Caroline Clement

Concurrent session: Benchmarking using data collection systems and big data
Chair: Dr Michael Wilke

Benchmarking variation in coding across hospitals in Canada: A data surveillance approach
Lori Kirby

Engaging clinicians and managers early on Hospital Acquired Complications: results of a novel approach developed in Australia and Ireland to improve the quality of coded data
Dr Ozren Tosic, Paul O’Connor

Understanding variation in demand for gastrointestinal endoscopies through benchmarking across local areas
Pierre Toureau

Understanding the classification system for accurate benchmarking
Gowri Sriraman

Concurrent session: Value based purchasing
Chair: Mark O’Connor

Would you like some value with that? The journey to unleashing better value health care in NSW 
Liz Hay, Jennie Pares

Value-based health care: Implications of patient-reported outcomes for DRG payment policy
Prof Jason Sutherland

Implementing premium payments in hip fracture care delivered improved time to operation across three teaching hospitals in Western Australia
Dr Hannah Seymour

Scan for Surgery at St James’s, Dublin
Simon Moores

Concurrent session: Patient classification and coding
Chair: Brian McCarthy

Reviewing established grouping parameters: Comorbidity level in CMG+
Minh Duong-Hua

Developing and anchoring a DRG-system
Jesper Iwersen

Western Australia state-wide training and education program – Australian Mental Health Care Classification
Bing Rivera, Leone Van Ewijk

Is ICHI able to replace ICD-9-CM procedures codes for casemix?
Jean Marie Rodrigues

Concurrent session: About our Data and Data Quality
Chair: Kevin Ratcliffe

Improving data quality in an Activity Based Funding environment
Brian Donovan

Examining variability in the cost of a standard hospital stay
Adam Rondeau

Health care provider claim data (HPCD) repository
Rudi Yulianto

Towards nationally consistent allied health data – the journey so far
Kristy Perkins

Local panel session – Jurisdictional updates
Facilitator: Norman Swan, Producer and presenter, Health Report, ABC Radio National

PCSI AGM: Part 1

Thursday 12 October 2017

Keynote: The 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases
Prof James Harrison, Steering Group Member, World Health Organisation

Plenary: CIHI’s population grouping methodology: beyond predicting cost
Yvonne Rosehart, Program Lead, Canadian Institute for Health Information

International panel session: Progress towards value based healthcare
Facilitator: Norman Swan, Producer and presenter, Health Report, ABC Radio National

Concurrent session: New classification development
Chair: Joanne Fitzgerald

Mental health phase of care, a new concept in mental health: Clinicians’ views and findings from an inter-rater reliability study
Dr Tim Coombs, Vanessa D’Souza

Exploring an inpatient mental health case- mix and funding model in Ontario, Canada: Lessons learned
Sandro Serino

Developing a national short list for principal diagnosis reporting in the emergency department
Anne Elsworthy

Australian emergency care classification development
Jim Pearse

This is no time for backslapping; estimating patient attributable clinician time in emergency departments by consensus
Joel Tuccia

Concurrent session: Patient costing
Chair: Paula Montieth

Costing emergency department care – a national study
Aaron Balm

Providing current patient cost estimates in Canadian hospitals
Adam Rondeau

Quebec and its approach to patient level costing
Patrick Power

Analysis of factors affecting hospital costs of old inpatients in Belgium
Julie De Foor

Beyond casemix: Introducing integrated funding to kill silos
Jacob Hofdijk

Concurrent session: Value based purchasing
Chair: Prof Jason Sutherland

The role of value-based purchasing to improve patient outcomes: The journey begins
Peter Axten

Introduction of innovation into an Activity Based Funding system in Ontario
Dr Imtiaz Daniel

How can we implement a more data-rich and data driven health system – observations from mixed professional round table discussions in Australia, 2016
Dr Ozren Tosic, Paul O’Connor

Using ABF to shift from volume to value in screening services
Deniza Mazevska, Mary Mitchelhill

Segmenting and projecting public hospital patient activity and assisting the annual purchasing budget cycle, a novel approach
Kevin Ratcliffe

Concurrent session: Clinical documentation and coding including ICD-11
Chair: Dr Kristiina Kahur

Field testing ICD-11: Comparing results from three national centres
Dr Olafr Steinum

SNOMED CT and ICD11: Two terminological resources to be reconciled
Jean Marie Rodrigues

Field testing ICD-11 in Australia
Brooke Macpherson

Can you draw casemix? A graphic facilitator’s view of improving the quality of clinical coding
Doug Henry, Dr Mary E. Black

More than words: A rural perspective on a multilayered approach to clinical documentation improvement
Kelly Lupish

Concurrent session: Clinical management in an activity based funding environment
Chair: Dr Terri Jackson

Clinical management in an Activity Based Funding environment – ‘Providing opportunities not to be sniffed at’
Michael Lewczuk, Stuart Bowhay

Operating Theatre Productivity Index
John Marshall, Joshua Tatham

A new scoring system to predict the risk of multiresistant pathogens in pneumonia and sepsis validated using ‘big data’ analyses on DRG routine data
Dr Michael Wilke

Changing incidence low value knee arthroscopy procedures Australian private sector
Dr Brian Hanning

How much direct care counts towards the patient experience?
Frank Mutel

Keynote: Japanese case mix
Prof Shinya Matsuda, Vice Director, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Hospital

Friday 13 October 2017

Plenary: Safety and quality in health care
James Downie, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Keynote: Reducing avoidable readmissions effectively
Mark Sonneborn, Vice President, Information Services, Minnesota Hospital Association

Concurrent session: Activity Based Funding and safety and quality
Chair: Deniza Mazevska

Activity Based Funding: Transformation of academic research into public policy
Prof George Palmer

Safety of Australian hospital care
Dr Stephen Duckett

Concurrent session: Benchmarking using data collection systems and big data
Chair: Prof Janette Green

Benchmarking for improved health outcomes
Justin Cowan

Administrative databases and clinical expertise: A synergy to detect hurdles in Belgian day-surgery practice
Cécile Camberlin

Concurrent session: Patient costing
Chair: Joel Tuccia

Discovering the true cost of inpatient care
Caitriona Ryan

Casemix costing sensibility to coders’ personal skill and coding systems for diagnosis and procedures
Jean Marie Rodrigues

Concurrent session: New classification systems
Chair: Dr Jiro Okochi

Evolution of the French classification for non-acute activity
Nicolas Dapzol

Revisiting inpatient rehabilitation case- mix and funding model in Ontario, Canada: Lessons learned
Dr Imtiaz Daniel

Concurrent session: Funding and casemix
Chair: Dr Conrad Kobel

Managing clinical variation to improve patient care and drive cost efficiency
Wendy Wen

Using IHPA national weighted activity unit (NWAU) data to inform the GST distribution – a data user’s perspective
Alison Harper

Concurrent session: Using Activity Based Funding to drive safety and quality
Chair: Dr Mary E. Black

The analytical journey through safety and quality
Sean Heng, Roland Fan

Preventable readmissions: Clinical review of discordant results
Dr Marc Berlinguet

Getting ready for the new Patient Safety Quality Pricing framework
Naomi Beveridge, Roland Fan

Finding the balance: A deep dive into risk adjustment
Sean Heng, Mireille Campbell

Concurrent session: Benchmarking using data collection systems and big data
Chair: Alfa D’Amato

Reporting the efficiency of Australia’s public hospitals on the MyHospitals website
Eve Kelly

Health national data set and numerous activity-based management tools: Need of harmonisation
Dr Marie-Caroline Clement

Developing a value-conscious culture of healthcare delivery through benchmarking of clinical outcomes and costs
Dr Eng Kok Lim

Inter-hospital benchmarking by APR-DRGs on medical and financial data: A tool to promote efficiency and quality of care inside hospitals
Alexandre Audibert, Maïté Jonas

Concurrent session: Population health and integrated care
Chair: Jacob Hofdijk

Measurement of health organisation performance across multiple sector services: A population health analytic perspective
Dr Stephen Sutch

A mutually exclusive classification for a canadian population grouping methodology: Health profile groups
Yiwen Chen

Making use of the Johns Hopkins ACG® system in primary care
Peter Rushton, Warwick Neilley

Enhancing integration of primary and secondary care data with routine test results into longitudinal data records for population health analysis
Dr Stephen Sutch

Concurrent session: New classification systems
Chair: Prof Ric Marshall

Development of the Australian Non-Admitted Care Classification system: Results from a targeted data analysis
Divyani Bhatnagar, Jaclyn Chan

Developing a new non-admitted care classification in a fast-evolving healthcare environment
Caroline Coevoet, Louise Kershaw

ADRG splitting methodology in AR-DRG v 9.0
Dr Michael Navakatikyan

Development of New INA-CBG Reclassification
Rudi Yulianto

Concurrent session: Patient classification and clinical coding
Chair: Jean Marie Rodrigues

Analysis of casemix changes in hospital emergency care 2010-2015 in Stockholm county council
Dr Eva Zeisig

Development of an episode oriented DRGsystem in Denmark
Jesper Iwersen, Pernille Rosling

Improving the reliability of clinical coding: DRG outcome or clinical truth?
Kevin Ratcliffe

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