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Independent Hospital Pricing Authorityihpa_logoupdate

The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) is an independent government agency established by the Commonwealth as part of the National Health Reform Act 2011. IHPA was established to contribute to significant reforms to improve Australian public hospitals.

IHPA’s primary function is to enable Activity Based Funding for Australian public hospital services. It does this by delivering an annual National Efficient Price (NEP) and National Efficient Cost (NEC). The NEP and NEC are a major determinant of the level of Commonwealth Government funding for public hospital services and provide a price signal or benchmark for the efficient cost of providing public hospital services.

IHPA is also responsible for developing national classifications for health care and other services delivered by public hospitals and, as required, resolving disputes on cost-shifting and cross-border issues.


Patient Classification Systems Internationalpcsi-logo-2016

Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI) is an international organisation focusing on all aspects of case-mix based classification, analysis, and financing.

From an initial focus on Diagnosis Related Group (DRGs), the association’s goals have expanded to include a broader interest in clustering and grouping techniques of clinical and administrative data for health care management and financing.

The organisation hosts an annual conference and offers educational opportunities through its case-mix schools.


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